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Thursday, 11 August 2011

"Radio Waves" / L.O.O.K. It's a Party/Waste-Free EcoFest.

Happening August 13th, at Queen's Park in London, Ontario - Locally Organized Organic Knowledge (LOOK) is not just an event, but an idea. Organized by volunteers within the community, the day's events are a chance for networking and celebration. With music, vendors, games, activities, free knowledge, community round table discussions, and awesome vibes, this and future events are ideal chances for you to make the most of if you are in London. 

In support of the event, I followed through with a quick last minute descision to document and get in on a scheduled radio interview that Jess, one of the organizers of LOOK, had planned with CHRW 94.9, the offical radio station for the University of Western Ontario.

Supporting an event like this by using my media skill-sets is important to me for numerous reasons. Not only do they strengthen the physical networking within the community, but it also promotes a more conscious eco-aware mindset. Similar to the Hundredth Monkey, the idea of being less egocentric and caring about the world around you and yourself in a nonselfish way has the potential to catch on.

Learn more about LOOK and future events at www.lookitsaparty.ca

LOOK It's a Party
Saturday, August 13th,
Queen's Park on Dundas Street
Next to the Western Fair/ Farmers Market