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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Courage that Counts. London Youth Advisory Council Election



After many days, hours, and weeks of hard work - our efforts have paid off. Congratulations to Jessica Conlon, Rebecca Croden, and Derek Stevens for 'officially' making it onto the London Youth Advisory Council. As you can see, myself (Bren don) am just bellow the cut off line. Needless to say though, I am happy with these results. I put forth the intent for us to succeed as a team, and by 3 of us getting in we all win. There were alot of synchronicities that occurred in all this, and I have zero regrets for how things played out - so it goes. I put forth my best effort into the universe and this is the result. Had for some reason I had gotten even just 10 more votes that would have meant that one of them would not have made it on. Maybe its my mentality as a warrior, but this is what going into battle with your comrades is all about, and this is just one battle in a war of many.

Congrats to everyone in their success, and thank you to everyone for their support! Here is to the Future!