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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Wake Up... (Lyrical Poem)

Wake up, Wake up.
You've forgotten who you are.

You've traveled far from home,
You come from the stars.

But stars arn't just above you,
There's the ones in your eyes

That echo your golden self,
The you who sees through the lies

Because you came here to learn
To see beyond the illusion

A truth about what this is
Hyperdimensional Transfusion

Each day is a new experience
To unlock an old memory

That this body is a vehicle
An extension, an accessory

Each one of us is light
Vibrating to create this form

So we can act and do our part
To be a spark in this storm

Because ripples create waves
So be the change you wish to see

Act from the heart
Love is the key


But don't stop there
There's so much you can learn

About this realm and those beyond it
The key is waiting to be turned

Open your eye to whats around you
It's hidden in plain sight

Sacred G and Fibonacci
Infinity; unfolding light

Manifest your intention
With the power of your mind

Meditate your way to freedom
And freedom you will find

This isn't new age jargon,
This is something that is real

It's something that is lived
Something you can feel

But this is just my art,
So don't believe it from me

Go journey on your own
And share what you see

As a collective conscious being
Together we will grow

You can create our own reality
As above, so below.

By Brendon Culliton / SKULL BABYLON