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Thursday, 20 December 2012

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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Eclipse (A Spiritual Poem). May 20th 2012

Eclipse in the sky
Eclipse of the mind
Casting a shadow
Beyond space and time

Everything is unfolding
Exactly as it should
Yet things are not perfect
Because if they were, then we would-

Be stuck in a cycle
Of eternal, immortal bliss
Forgetting are rolls
In the reality that is this

For you see,
The shadow is our friend
A part of the whole
To help us unfold
To strive to reach a goal

Because our purpose is to push
Onwards when held back
To be like plant under the pavement
Growing up through the cracks

Each one of us are leaders
With no need for a title
Teachers and students
Every lesson is vital

But to truly and honestly learn
We must listen with our hearts
We are the canvas and the painter
Reality is a reflection of our art

Spiraling out and forever
A story life times in the making
We are indeed spiritual beings
Stepping into the days of waking

To change in the face of darkness
Each one of us has that power
To be our absolute best
To climb our way up the tower

All that we need is in arms reach
Both inside and out
The universe wants you to succeed
Know this without a doubt

Be you starseed or earthseed
Let your mission be clear
You are here to change the world
To shine your light through the fear

So lead by example
So that others may know
That we are in this together
We are the ripples in the flow.

An Eclipse in the Sky,
An Eclipse in your mind
Illuminate through darkness
Beyond this space and time.

By Skull Babylon

Monday, 21 May 2012

The Mystic Ninja Chronicles 003 - Parkour

Parkour; an adventure all in its own. With no single objective, the collective goal of parkour is self betterment. Focus, awareness, balance, and determination- just some of the elements involved in the learning process. Like a fractal of the whole, parkour teaches us many great lessons. Find your own freedom. Be your own hero.

Viewer Questions: Do you do parkour? How has it helped you in your life journey?
Leave your comments in the youtube video.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Skull Babylon on YouTube

Hey everyone.
For those who may be new to checking out my work, I would suggest viewing my videos off of my youtube channel because it has a better arrangement and layout. The order I have selected will help give a better understanding of who I am and what I am doing - collective inspiration.


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Saturday, 12 May 2012

The Mystic Ninja Chronicles- Ep 002

In this episode I conclude my workout and provide some examples of workout exercises you too can do on your own. Every great challenge is just training for the next one.

Viewer Questions: How does working out coincide with your progress spiritually? How do you workout? How dedicated are you to working out? Leave your comments below.

Shane Carling - http://www.resultsnowfitness.com/
Spacelite Water, Natural Alkaline Health & Athletic Electrolyte Formula - http://www.spacelite.info
Journey to the West (Full Doc) http://youtu.be/91ZRx_9hAkc

Music Used:
The Prodigy - Climbatize http://youtu.be/ZVFsW18obWc
The Prodigy - Omen (Mt Eden Dubstep Remix) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y7TZZLMNGMc

Sunday, 6 May 2012

The Mystic Ninja Chronicles

Within each of us there is the potential for greatness. Let my actions be but a simple guide. Create your own path. Find your own freedom. Be your own hero.

User Question: How do you Meditate? What works for you? Leave your comments on the youtube video.

Other Mentioned Spiritual Communities:
Spirit Science - https://www.facebook.com/thespiritscience
Elevate - https://www.facebook.com/elevatefilms

Music Used:
Journey Soundtrack (Austin Wintory) - Apotheosis

Princess Mononoke OST - Tabidashi, Nishihe (The Journey to the West)

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Wake Up... (Lyrical Poem)

Wake up, Wake up.
You've forgotten who you are.

You've traveled far from home,
You come from the stars.

But stars arn't just above you,
There's the ones in your eyes

That echo your golden self,
The you who sees through the lies

Because you came here to learn
To see beyond the illusion

A truth about what this is
Hyperdimensional Transfusion

Each day is a new experience
To unlock an old memory

That this body is a vehicle
An extension, an accessory

Each one of us is light
Vibrating to create this form

So we can act and do our part
To be a spark in this storm

Because ripples create waves
So be the change you wish to see

Act from the heart
Love is the key


But don't stop there
There's so much you can learn

About this realm and those beyond it
The key is waiting to be turned

Open your eye to whats around you
It's hidden in plain sight

Sacred G and Fibonacci
Infinity; unfolding light

Manifest your intention
With the power of your mind

Meditate your way to freedom
And freedom you will find

This isn't new age jargon,
This is something that is real

It's something that is lived
Something you can feel

But this is just my art,
So don't believe it from me

Go journey on your own
And share what you see

As a collective conscious being
Together we will grow

You can create our own reality
As above, so below.

By Brendon Culliton / SKULL BABYLON

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Courage that Counts. London Youth Advisory Council Election



After many days, hours, and weeks of hard work - our efforts have paid off. Congratulations to Jessica Conlon, Rebecca Croden, and Derek Stevens for 'officially' making it onto the London Youth Advisory Council. As you can see, myself (Bren don) am just bellow the cut off line. Needless to say though, I am happy with these results. I put forth the intent for us to succeed as a team, and by 3 of us getting in we all win. There were alot of synchronicities that occurred in all this, and I have zero regrets for how things played out - so it goes. I put forth my best effort into the universe and this is the result. Had for some reason I had gotten even just 10 more votes that would have meant that one of them would not have made it on. Maybe its my mentality as a warrior, but this is what going into battle with your comrades is all about, and this is just one battle in a war of many.

Congrats to everyone in their success, and thank you to everyone for their support! Here is to the Future!

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Fight for Tomorrow Today. Youth Advisory Council Election.



Youth Election Videos: http://youtu.be/hsVjI20F9Lc
Facebook Event and Support Page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/227418305608

VOTE ONLINE: March 6th-15th at http://LYAC.ca
*Only those with a London, Ontario address will be eligible to vote.

>The City of London, Ontario, Canada has put forth a new idea of creating a Youth Advisory Council of 13 15-25 year olds. Those running are selected by through  online voting, March 6th-15th. Once elected, the 13 youth will take part in having their voice heard in decision making processes happening in London's future. <

That said, several youth within the Paradigm Shift Community will be doing their part to secure a place on the council. Please assist in this pivotal moment in the history of Paradigm Shift London by adding your voice to the conversation and voting online..

"You(th) must be the change You(th) want to see in the world." -Mahatma Gandhi

Brendon: http://youtu.be/hsVjI20F9Lc
Jessica: http://youtu.be/zw4GleslbQI
Rebecca: http://youtu.be/Y7P8Jte8Xjs
Elliot: http://youtu.be/fNQyouLj1UE
Derek: http://youtu.be/Lh6IziAzZqg

Brendon Culliton

Much of what I want to see is not something that can be measured, but rather something that is experienced.  I want to see change not just in the way we live, but in the way we think. I want to see change through the development of healthier habits and memes within culture. I want to inspire people to inspire other people. I want them to choose to care about the choices they are making in their life. I want to stand up in the fight against apathy. I want younger kids to put down their iPhones and pick up a paintbrush. I want to encourage and foster the shift in awareness… the awareness of our connection to reality and our ability to create within it.

We as humans have so much more potential then we are lead to believe. The reason we are not open to this is a result of the environment we are in. If we can alter our environment overtime, then we will change the way we live, and ultimately the way we see ourselves. I am here to fight for the generations who will follow us. Lets work to change the system from within. Yes this is a revolution, but it is a revolution of consciousness.

At the top of my list for tangible goals to accomplish as part of the council is to assist in getting fluoride out of the city’s water. Many people are adamantly against fluoride and I think this is a conversation that needs to be continued. There are many concerning things relating to fluoride that I have read through my own research – such as how back in the day scientist were paid off to fabricate results. How essentially fluoride is little more than waste product from nuclear industry’s uranium refinement and other sites.  A lot of people understand that fluoride is corrosive and detrimental to the body and mind, but there are many who have little awareness of it at all. It is also concerning that the act of putting fluoride in the water is no different than a doctor giving someone ‘medication’ without their permission – this is a form of malpractice on a grand scale. So for the sake of the generations to come, I am going to do what I can to have the fluoride issue reevaluated and eventually removed from our water.
As community, we are privileged to have this unique opportunity within our wonderful city. It is good for youth to learn the political process how it is now, and give them a chance to interact and lead the decision-making processes of the future. I am confident in my abilities as a leader, and I feel my voice will add a valuable addition to the council. It is my intention to help facilitate the collective growth of our community on the micro and on the macro scale. This is an experience I am grateful to embrace.

“All my will is bent on change.
The universe is ours to rearrange.
Follow my lead and in fact you will see;
You create your own reality.
Concentrate on the shifting tides.
Recombinant the recurring mind.
A way to dislocate and reinvent time.
To reinterpret the cosmic paradigm.
Open your eyes to reclaim your prize.”

About Brendon:
Over the past few years I have been keeping myself pretty busy. Foremost, I completed production of If I Should Fall (www.IfIShouldFall.com), my first feature length award-winning, documentary. The film is the true story about 22-year old Trooper Marc Diab who was killed by an Improvised Explosive Device while in Afghanistan. It is a film about the tragedy of loss, the importance of remembrance, and the spirit of hope. On November 11th 2011, I arranged a free showing for the public at the Wolf Performance Hall – it was very well received. The film is currently available on DVD and can be purchased through the website. Proceeds go towards The Marc Diab Children’s Foundation and the Military Families Fund.

So needless to say, this film is a part of who I am and something I am proud of. It reflects my creative potential as an artist and my benevolent desire to help others. Though before production of this film even began, I was already busy creating the foundations of what is now Paradigm Shift London (www.ParadigmShiftLondon.com). Being a youth, I like to think like one. Growing up I had a curiosity about reality that was not being satisfied within common public spheres. After spending a lot of time doing my own research, learning stuff, getting into yoga, and spending time in Vancouver for a school internship, I eventually created Paradigm Shift as a club in Fanshawe College in 2009. I created it in order to find other youth in London who shared my curiosity and to practice talking about stuff as a group. Today, I describe Paradigm Shift London as “a youth initiated community that encourages open-mindedness, healthy living, and the evolution of consciousness.”

Through Paradigm Shift I have made many good friends and met many future leaders– people who genuinely care about living and want to make the world a better place.  Recently in January, I represented youth as part of a panel discussion about the future at The Inspirational Expo 2012 here in London and also gave a separate 20 min talk.  A video of this can be seen here > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0jwHt08ZO94

In addition to other documentary projects I am working on, I am also doing ongoing video journalism in association with Paradigm Shift under the pseudonym Skull Babylon. (www.SkullBabylon.blogspot.com). To get more of an idea of who I am, feel free to check out the numerous videos I have put up thus far and keep and eye open for the many more in the future.

My hobbies include: Hockey, Parkour, PC Gaming, Poetry, Yoga, Meditation, Going Pro, The Skill, DA GAIMZ, Skateboarding, and Choosing to be the change I wish to see.


Inspirational Talk - What is Paradigm Shift London?

Brendon Culliton representing Paradigm Shift London at The Inspirational Expo 2012- talking about the origins of PSL, personal experience, insights, the future, and more. London, Ontario, Canada.

Aspire to inspire.

Paradigm Shift London: A youth initiated community focused on promoting open-mindedness, healthy living, and the evolution of consciousness.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Tool In Concert

Some of my thoughts about Tool and their live performances.


Full Concert Video - http://youtu.be/YM0BGXCtZwE
Song - Tool, Lateralus