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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Eclipse (A Spiritual Poem). May 20th 2012

Eclipse in the sky
Eclipse of the mind
Casting a shadow
Beyond space and time

Everything is unfolding
Exactly as it should
Yet things are not perfect
Because if they were, then we would-

Be stuck in a cycle
Of eternal, immortal bliss
Forgetting are rolls
In the reality that is this

For you see,
The shadow is our friend
A part of the whole
To help us unfold
To strive to reach a goal

Because our purpose is to push
Onwards when held back
To be like plant under the pavement
Growing up through the cracks

Each one of us are leaders
With no need for a title
Teachers and students
Every lesson is vital

But to truly and honestly learn
We must listen with our hearts
We are the canvas and the painter
Reality is a reflection of our art

Spiraling out and forever
A story life times in the making
We are indeed spiritual beings
Stepping into the days of waking

To change in the face of darkness
Each one of us has that power
To be our absolute best
To climb our way up the tower

All that we need is in arms reach
Both inside and out
The universe wants you to succeed
Know this without a doubt

Be you starseed or earthseed
Let your mission be clear
You are here to change the world
To shine your light through the fear

So lead by example
So that others may know
That we are in this together
We are the ripples in the flow.

An Eclipse in the Sky,
An Eclipse in your mind
Illuminate through darkness
Beyond this space and time.

By Skull Babylon

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