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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Cleaning Up The Trash

Cleaning Up The Trash.

The relationship between one's self and their enviorment should be built upon the foundations of respect. Out of all of the creatures who we share our space with, humans are the only ones who intentionally develop insolence towards this mutual bond. Why? Is it because of spite? Animosity? Vengefulness? Or even hate? No, we've all seen hate, and hate is not the reason why we don't walk twenty extra meters to put our styrofoam cup into the nearest garbage can. The reason is blatantly obvious - sheer laziness and gross negligence. Much as to how a mother is condemned for failing to provide proper care for her child, so too should we be diagnosed as psychotic for failing to care about the earth we walk on.

Yes we may call the earth our "Mother", but that does not give us the right to act like foolish children. We have been given plenty of time to evolve into maturity, as many of us have. Though in the absense of the many there exists a plethora of those who continue to mentally act like children - naive and irresponsible. These people have fallen into a dangerous sense of comfort under the constant impression that they don't need to worry about cleaning up the trash they leave behind because all their lives someone else has been worrying about it for them. They have been conditioned to be careless. Even though the numbers between those who don't care and those who are conscious are uneven, it is the duty of those who choose to take on responsibility to continue to act justly as both an individual and a leader.

Haily, of the Global Awareness Challenge, boldly takes on the responsibility without hesitation; as we all should. Modest in her actions, she has inspired many others to become more conscious of the roll they share with their enviorment. Each of us has the ability to inspire those around us and influence the direction of where the future is heading as a conscious society. Apathy is no longer cool. It's time to clean up the trash and get our heads in the game.

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